Programming Draft


Draft – subject to changes - updated 10/20/2021  


Coming Home 

& Friends of Elementary Arts – Musical Chairs Auction (Front Gallery)

January 25 - February 19

Reception January 28, 6-9 pm


CTA: Call for artwork about home, houses, groundedness, connection, place


Skin & Bricks

Celebrating the Art of Tattoos and Graffiti
February 22 - March 19

Reception February 25, 6-9 pm

CTA: Call to graffiti and tattoo artists: looking for drawings, paintings, photographs.


B.F.A Student Graduating Exhibitions & Mythologies (Front Gallery)
March 22 - April 23

Reception March 25, 6-9 pm

CTA: Call for art depicting or relating to myths, stories, legends

The Future

Conserving our Earth
April 26 - May  

Reception April 29, 6-9 pm

CTA: Call for art having to do with conserving nature, global warming, future predictions, the future of the earth, nature, conservation efforts & policies, environment in politics, endangered species, recycling, repurposing

Absence v Presence: 

Black & White Abstract Art (Front Gallery)

May 24 - June 18


CTA: Call for abstract black and white art


Summer Showcase 2022

June 21 - July 23

Reception June 24, 6-9 pm

CTA: Open theme - best and latest works


The Beautiful Mind 

Exploring Mental Health Through Art

July 26 - August 20

Reception July 29, 6-9 pm

CTA: Call for art depicting or relating to mental health or experiences with mental health / call to artists with mental health issues. 


The Root of…

Biennial National Juried Exhibition

August 23 – October 22 – 2 months

Reception August 26, 6-9 pm

CTA: Artwork exploring causation; the reason or reasons for something. What is underneath, or what feeds ideas, concepts, events.  



The Art of Food and the Food of Art 

October 25 - November 19

Reception October 28, 6-9 pm


Winter Showcase 2022
November 22 - December 23

Reception December 2, 6-9 pm 

CTA: Open theme - best and latest works