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(No adhesives = No mess!)

with Joon Thomas

Saturday, November 6 and 13, 9:30am-12:30pm*

*participation in Session 1 is mandatory to participate in Session 2

Fee: $85 [includes $40 cost for provided materials]


Bookbinding without the sticky stuff.


We'll learn ten quick and fun book structures and then delve into a full multi-signature sewn book -- all without any glue or adhesives!


Non-adhesive bookbinding techniques offer artists and archivists a wide range of creative possibilities without the disadvantages introduced by paste and glue.


This is a two-part workshop. Participation in Part 1 is a prerequisite for part 2.


In Part 1 we will explore basic non-adhesive book structures which can be created by folding, cutting and stitching. Each of these structures is an opening to an entire category of possibilities. Those who complete Part 1 of this workshop will fulfill the prerequisite for future workshops exploring more complex book structures.

In Part 2 each participant will complete a sturdy, sewn binding, multi-signature book, complete with cover—all without the use of any adhesives. A feature of the method I will be teaching is that the book will lay flat when open to any page! This is an advantage when binding a sketchbook, cookbook, or any type of book that you might wish to include in a display.

Participants should bring the following tools: metal straight-edge or ruler, Exacto knife, and scissors.

All other tools and materials will be provided.




Joon Thomas holds a degree in printmaking from the University of the Arts (Philadelphia); studied for many years with artists Chen Lok Lee, Rulan Weng, Youxin Yao and Ou Wenwei; and has decades of experience as a professional artist, calligrapher, printmaker and teacher.




1. Payment is non-refundable. If you find you need to cancel and wish to find a replacement, it is your responsibility to find  that replacement and to obtain the funds. Please contact us first in case there is a waitlist. If you find someone yourself, please provide us with the contact information for your replacement.

2. There is a maximum of 10 people in the class. You will be added to a waiting list if the class is full. Masks and social distancing required. 

3. Questions should be directed to Katy at 

4. Your payment serves as your agreement to this cancellation policy.