BLUE - Online Exhibition

& Collaboration with Actor's Warehouse

Deadline for submissions: December 29, 2020

Submission Fee $15

We are looking for art that is blue! Accepting 2D & 3D work. Actor's Warehouse will be filming a one-man performance called "The Blue Period of Milton van der Spuy" in the gallery. All submissions will be a part of a special GFAA Online Exhibition called "BLUE" and some will be picked and hung as part of the set. Submissions are due December 29th. We will notify you if your piece will be a part of the set - drop off will be January 10th between 11-1. NOTE: artwork does not have to be framed or ready to hang: the set is supposed to be an artist's studio, so sketches/experiments/rough pieces are welcome. Submit one piece per artist. This show will not be judged.


Contact Katy if you have questions:


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We recognize that this is a hard time financially for many artists. Thanks to a generous donor we have started a fund to help with these costs for artists. If you would like to submit but cannot for financial reasons, please click here.

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