What happens when we zoom in? Take a closer look? Research an issue more intensely? In Close Up we are asking artists to explore the world from a different perspective - one where we zoom in; noticing details/perspectives/concepts that we may miss from afar. We encourage artists to consider this theme broadly and conceptually. Your subject matter can be something literally close up (such as a nose or leaf veins) or conceptual (like a lesser known affect of climate change, or looking closely at systemic racism in the United States). 

Please fill out the form below to submit up to 3 pieces of artwork. 

Deadline for submission: JULY 26, 2020

Exhibit Dates: July 28 - Sept 28, 2020


MEMBERS: Fee $15  


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Please submit via email per the instructions below.

You will receive an email bill for the submission fee after you submit. 



Email SUBJECT LINE: Summer showcase submission

Email BODY: 


Artist Name



Dimensions: IN THIS ORDER: height x width (3D work - x depth) (please also indicate here if work is framed)

*Quality 300 dpi images must be attached to the email



- All work must be for sale. GFAA will take 30% commission.

- No work will be accepted that has been in a previous online exhibition at GFAA.

- The show will be judged - no work that has won awards in previous gallery exhibitions will be accepted.   

- For the time being, we will be doing local pick-up at the gallery only for sales.

- Artists will be responsible for dropping off their work at the gallery, where a pick up from the buyer will be scheduled. (This         will not take place until the stay-at-home order is not longer in affect). 

- If a buyer is not local and wants a piece shipped to them we will handle it on an individual basis. Shipping cost will be added      to price.

- Please submit quality images to ensure that your images can be included in the exhibition.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our physical gallery is closed. This is a difficult economic time for all, including arts organizations like ours. To donate to GFAA please click hereWe thank you for participating and are excited to display

your work!

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