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Com-mu-ni-ca-tion - Ronda Richley

Com-mu-ni-ca-tion - Ronda Richley

Collage on Paper

18 x 18 x 1.5"



Michael Urban


We were asked to write about Communication and I am not quite sure what use of CALLIGRAPHY is the best way to display my story. Should I go Caveman and use PETROGLYPHS, or use the knowledge of the Egyptians with PICTOGRAPHS, or I just might take SELFIES like every day is a vacation.

Then I remembered that they say, “A PICTURE is worth a thousand words,” so I cannot use a picture because the Word count is only five hundred. I do not want to use a pen because a pen is mightier than a sword for I do not want to hurt anyone. It would be difficult to use the NAUTICAL ALPHABET, and even harder to send everyone TELEGRAM with a Western Union. STOP: 

In high school I never took TYPEWRITTING class or never experienced SHORTHAND, my computer was a microfiche. I thank the heavens for Music TELEVISION getting me through those years. Even though my parents use to stare at their RADIO and listen to a box, I made it thus far in 

life. By the way, Video did not kill the radio star. I do know AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE, but not learned to read BRAILLE; I thought about using

MORSE CODE, but I’m not sure if dots and dashes would pass in a word count. 

A long time ago the world was saved by H.A.M. radio operators in basements across the globe, and by saving lives building LIGHTHOUSES to SIGNAL the sailors at sea the danger of land was near. I even checked the internet for CARRIER PIGEONS, and I also considered putting up TIN CANS for communicating with my neighbors. I then recalled when we had CORDED PHONES that hung on the wall with party lines. Today we have 

CORDLESS phones and can party on ZOOM a thousand miles away.

We all want our work to last as long as the Dead Sea Scrolls as we all remember the tales from Canterbury. We all have stories of love and hate, good and bad, and even in happiness or suffering, so we speak through whatever media we have at use. Sometimes we need a break from the world and leave the book of faces or just need to take a break not expressing our feelings in words.

Emoji’s are used to show emotions, but they again are pictures. It used to be, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, and words will never hurt you,” but that has changed over the years as well. We have to alter our ways of reacting and responding to our fellow Earthlings with tact and respect when we interact with each other. 

I sit and ponder about the lost art of CONVERSATION and wonder how I will tell my tale. With no further adieu, in conclusion, I found out that the best way to COMMUNICATE anything is with a SMILE. It is very contagious, Pass it on. Thank you this has been Closed-Captioned for the hearing impaired.      


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