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Empty Words - Olivia Ardizzone
  • Empty Words - Olivia Ardizzone

    Variable. Approx 34" x 50" x 2" (height x width x depth on wall); Approx 5' diameter on floor

    Installation using upcycled books, acrylic paint, and nails 


    "Empty Words addresses the lack of honesty and credibility within our political system and associated news media outlets with direct reference to the "alternative facts" affair of January 2017. The empty words of "Truth" and "Facts" contrast with the authoritarian "Power" and "Lies." Who has the power over truth and facts? Are facts based on objective truth or are they falsehoods? -- These are examples of questions I want my installation to provoke. The books that spell out "Truth" and "Facts" have had their contents extracted whereas "Power" and "Lies" remain fully intact. Even if you wanted to search for the truth, you could not easily due so, for the information has been distorted, removed, or censored. Lies are readily accessible yet truth and facts are difficult to ascertain."

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