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Sardine Sybil - Paul Newman
  • Sardine Sybil - Paul Newman

    Clay, Wood, Cloth

    18" x 12" x 12"


    Here Are the Sardines   

    Jo Ann Lordahl


    They roam Buenos Aires in 2 a.m. movie

    streets and side walk cafes.

    They swarm in Tokyo, Mexico and New York

    gather in gondolas in Venice near St. Marks’

    pigeon square, multiplying.


    Here gallop the sardines

    with London faces: sheep, 

    cows, after a time, pigs

    Paris in the metro,

    the Seine, perched on edges

    in Hong Kong, Teheran, and

    Cairo, Egypt.


    Here come the sardines.

    Are you ready, world,

    To eat?

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