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Manatee - Carly Shooster

Manatee - Carly Shooster

Adobe Fresco

12" x 14.5"


Into the Blue

By Wendy Thornton


Here is the point where the world won't matter,

wandering women roam alone;

the men turn away fishing for wishes

waiting for stars when the catch is true.

Watch the seagulls capture the air

all of them hoping to enter the blue.


The tern strolls white against the blue.

Hold the line – the world won't matter.

Use the day to inhale salt air,

here the pelican roams alone.

Soon nothing else will seem so true

as you pray to the surf gods to grant your wishes.


Ask for a dish of cool blue wishes,

a curl of wave so infinitely blue.

This is where you find what's true,

that blessed state where the world still matters.

One huge wave weaves forward alone;

lifts you from shore to the cool blue air.


Imagine dragons in the salty air

as you comprehend the miracle of wishes.

Clatter of the world left alone.

Enter the kingdom of watery blue.

All you know of the world that matters

is caught right here where the break is true.


There's only one thing you know is true –

your soul craves silence and salt sweet air.

This bliss you know is all that matters,

empty promises and leftover wishes

blown away by the watery blue,

a world you treasure together or alone.


While you dream of the world alone

you realize you've hit the true

mystery of this endless blue,

glide coquina on the salty air.

Hold on tight to the best of wishes.

Stay the course – the world does matter.


Blue world matters when you're all alone.

Grant yourself one last wish; remember peace is always true. 

Grab that final breath of air, then fly right home into the blue.


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