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Into the Fray_No. 4- Lydia Dildilian

Into the Fray_No. 4- Lydia Dildilian

Mixed Medium Acrylic Painting
5" x 7" x 1"


The work explores themes of human perception and memory. By investigating the genre of landscape painting my process of image selection and painting mirrors the exploration of space when out for a walk, browsing the web, observing details, viewing the horizon, textures, shapes, patterns, scale changes, and colors; both near and far. Like levels of sediment, the work features transparent and opaque layers abstracted of land, superimposed on top of one another, creating new land(scapes).

The act of building the surface mimics the action of building a place or space in one's mind, reviving an original stock image indefinitely. The constant act of observing land and time, simulates a depiction of human perception and memory creation. The paintings are constructed using appropriated images, video game screenshots, Google imagery, maps, previously unused collages, and a variety of painting techniques.

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