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Sunrise over Anastasia - Linda Krause

Sunrise over Anastasia - Linda Krause

Free motion machine quilting, photography, drawing and hand painting

16 1/2" x 20"x 1"



I can still hear the calming swish of the waves lapping the shore on that fine morning. The sun, gently peeking over the horizon, was blissfully unaware of the full day I had planned. There was time for the busy-ness later. Starting the day along the beach, past the sand dunes and the swaying grasses was a rebirth for the soul.


Some say that a quilt has 3 layers sewn together with stitching and the end result covers a bed. Art quilters aren’t cut from the same cloth (pun intended) as these traditional quilters, however. We don’t follow rules. We laugh at the quilt police. My work never graces a bed but is instead destined for the wall.


For most quilts, the top is created first and then the 3 layers-top, batting, and back, are sewn together. For this unorthodox textile painting, the stitching was done first. A solid white quilt sandwich-was sewn with grasses, clouds, & sun before color was applied. Then paint and unconventional materials were introduced.


Original inspiration photograph also composed by the artist.

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