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Talking to the Stars - Avery Hays

Talking to the Stars - Avery Hays

Colored Pencil

10" x 10"


Visual Communication

By Roz Miller


How do we culturally communicate; let me count the ways,

Writing, art, music, dancing; and dramatically what he says.


When my artist mind starts to create,

Asking, what should my art communicate?


Across the canvas, my brush stokes begin,

Colorfully fulfilling my creative yen.


My poet’s pen; my artist’s brush,

Each speaks with colorful blush.


Your collector art desires; painters aim to capture,

Imparting artistic, visual and poetic rapture.


Creative visual conveyor, is my artist role,

Intriguing art, capturing your collector’s soul.


Art speaks to your eye and to your heart,

Being a collector is quite art smart.


Art is visual poetry,

Art is visual symphony,


As both artist and rhyming poet,

It’s gratifying to share, and to show it.

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