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As an artist, I enjoy working on canvas with oil colors and just a spatula (or paint knife). Sometimes I’m deliberate and intentional, sketching perspective lines while drawing from my experience as an architect, or I can be fluid and spontaneous by randomly applying leftover colors to my next canvas. These techniques provide a starting point that sparks my imagination. The stained canvas talks to me while I work rescuing shapes and volumes that I feel are already there. As the images come into focus, a new story emerges.

In my paintings I try to capture the essence of the urban landscape where I grew up. Buenos Aires, a colorful city that feels gray, confusing but organized at the same time. I create architectural stories, while assembling puzzle pieces of fascinating structures. I invoke its endless buildings, rooftops, wires, water tanks and power lines that grow almost organically. Windows, stairs, balconies and doors inspire me to compose a geometrical symphony, where perspective intersects light and shadow. You are invited to explore my cityscapes.

Ariel Czesler
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