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Different Angles

I will miss the Out of the Box drop off and won’t get to see the exhibit until the Opening Reception on September 30th, because Charlie and I are going on a long needed vacation (more like a road trip). I did, however, finish Rejects and Techno-City, my two Out of the Box pieces. I am looking forward to all of the unique and creative work! Make me proud, GFAA! Since we are driving, we decided to do something different. Our first stop is Greenville, S.C., JUST to have dinner at the American Grocery Restaurant. We read an article in the Gainesville Sun about their “Southern-slanted American fare based on regional ingredients,” looked it up, and were intrigued. So I made reservations. I love “farm to table” restaurants. Our next stop is Charlotte, N.C. to visit with friends whose home we got married at (when they lived in Los Angeles). We will also be getting the Charlotte tour. From there we are off to Natural Bridge, Lexington and Staunton V.A. and then Charleston, SC. Charlie wants to visit military museums and I, of course, will do everything art. All my life whenever I traveled anywhere, I always went to the art co-ops, galleries, art shows, etc. I was not an artist. I just loved art. I loved the idea that someone created that art piece, necklace, vase, etc. And I always bought something to remind me of that experience. Now I will be looking from a different angle. I will be looking at how someone does that mixed media piece, abstract, etc. What can I learn from it, to add to my own work? In addition, what ideas can I share to expand our goals at the GFAA Gallery and for the GFAA membership... Maybe I will find an incredible artist who would like to have a show here, run a workshop….who knows. Wish me luck! “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” Twyla Tharp

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