Ribbons and Thank Yous

November 3, 2016


Did you know that I won my third ribbon at the Mixed Media and Collage Opening Reception? And this one was Best in Show. Am I bragging? Maybe a little. More importantly, I believe if my work has improved that much, then each and every one of you has the same opportunity.

Six years ago I made a decision that it was time for me to be the artist I always thought I was. Now what kind of artist was that? I didn't know, because I had never had a class, didn't know the difference between oil, watercolor and acrylic, had never heard of Golden....need I go on? I started my artistic adventure with Michael's 50% off coupons. I bought one gel, matte, gesso, crackle, etc. I admit: I bought one of everything...and I mean everything. Then I would go to YouTube and watch how to use that product. When a video captured my interest, that product became part of my art.

I joined the GFAA looking forward to learning everything. We know how that turned out! In 2013, I became the President of the GFAA. (And that is whole different story.) My journey took a different turn. I had a broken Art Association to fix. Here's the thing....I have always been a fixer, but I didn't see it for this part of my life. I saw myself as an artist, darn it. Not that I stopped painting..nope, did my best, when I had the time, of course.
Three years later, the GFAA will be celebrating one year in it's first home, with workshops, great general meetings, incredible themed art exhibits and more. I made sure I painted so that I was part of every themed exhibit.
Month after month I spent time surrounded by Gallery art and artists. I studied the work. I listened to the wisdoms, recommendations, conversations. I asked everyone’s opinion and I paid attention, never took anything personally, and my work got better.

I am telling you this because I need to thank all of you for my success. More than that, if you have any doubts about your abilities, I am strongly suggesting that you REALLY join us. Come to the Gallery and stroll the art. Better than that, volunteer so that you can spend a few hours around the art. Come to the Opening Receptions and get involved in conversations. Attend the workshops. You will naturally learn from everyone.

Six years after I moved to Gainesville, to become an artist, I have three ribbons. More importantly, I have the best art teachers I could ever ask for...and so do you.

Congratulations to the winners of the Mixed Media and Collage Exhibit:
April and Scott Schroeder Award of Excellence: 
Peter Senesac, “Big Sky Daydream”
Third Place Award: Jacquelyne Collett, “Whisper”
Merit Awards: Miguel Diaz-Palma, "Flash Card”; Judi Cain, "Time Space Compression”; Ann Cooper, “Horse Play”; Frank Curtis, “Prodigal Society”
Judges Recognition: Michelle Nagri “We the people what have we done…”

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