A Celebration of Black Artists

in Alachua County, Florida

Presented by the Alachua County Community Remembrance Project (ACCRP) and Gainesville Fine Arts Association (GFAA). 

Black artists have been historically and continue to be disproportionally represented. Our intention is to make space for Black artists and their voices through this exhibition. Our goal is to make and strengthen communal connections and to give recognition and exposure to more Black artists. Our vision is to shape new futures. All subject matter and mediums will be accepted - we want to celebrate and represent the work you are making today.

[Please read more about ACCRP and GFAA below]



- There is no entry fee for this exhibition

- Exhibition will be in gallery & online

- Must be a Black artist living in or from Alachua County,                       Florida.

Submit up to 2 pieces per artist.


Deadline for image submission: EXTENDED

We will still accept submissions until May 22nd - you will need to bring your work to the gallery on May 23 between 11 - 2. THANK YOU! 

DROP OFF Date: May 23, 2021

Exhibit Dates: May 25 - June 19, 2021

Artwork Pick-up:  June 20, 2021 



- GFAA will take 30% commission on any sales.

- For the time being, we will be doing local pick-up at the gallery only for sales. If a buyer is not local and wants a piece shipped to them, we will handle it on an individual basis. Shipping cost will be added to price.

- Please submit quality images to ensure that your images can be included in the exhibition.

- All work must be ready to hang on the wall with hardware or wire in place. Please contact Katy if you have alternative hanging ideas for your work.  

- All work must have GFAA labels taped to the back. Click here for printable labels.

- All work submitted will be accepted into the online exhibition. 1 piece per artists is guaranteed to be hung in the gallery exhibition, depending on space and exhibit design.  

For more on guidelines, please refer here:  GFAA Exhibition Guidelines


For questions, or if you cannot submit electronically, please contact Katy at



ACCRP is a local community group working for truth and reconciliation about our county’s history of lynching and racial terror during the Jim Crow era. We are working in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative from Montgomery, Alabama, the home of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice which is our nation’s only memorial to the over 4,400 victims of racial terror lynching during that era. ACCRP is educating the community about our history and of it’s legacy of persistent racial disparities in our county, and recognizing and honoring the victims of lynching. We do this by holding community events about our history, or racial disparities, by having soil collection ceremonies to honor the victims, by creating and installing historical markers about our history, and by holding high school essay contests to insure that our youth to learn our history. For more information, or to join us, please see and follow us on Facebook at


GFAA is actively reaching out to expand our membership and have it be more of a reflection of the diversity of our community, as historically we recognize it has not been. We offer opportunities to exhibit and sell your artwork, as well as educational workshops, weekly open studio zoom where you can talk to other artists about your work, events, community collaborations such as this one, and more. We are actively working towards exhibitions that include all marginalized people - we recognize that the ultimate goal is not to have 'all black' exhibitions such as this one, but to provide safe and continuous exhibition and art opportunities for all artists. 

Become a GFAA member, or learn more about membership, please click here.

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to fund this exhibition, please contact Katy at