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We are looking for the perfect poster and T-shirt design to celebrate our 100 year anniversary next year!

Award for selected design: $300


The GFAA Board of Directors will be the selection Committee.

GFAA was founded in 1923 and we have gone through many changes through the years. Today we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting visual arts through exhibitions, workshops and programming for emerging and accomplished artists with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. 

All are welcome to submit - you do not have to be a member of GFAA!

Questions? Email Katy at


Finished digital design proposals should be

- 12 x 18 inches at 300 dpi with a .125 inch bleed

- It must have the 100 year anniversary logo on it somewhere. It is up to you how much you want to incorporate it into the design.

- We want people to look at it and know that we are 100 years old!  

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