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All people are welcome here, no matter your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social or economic backgrounds, physical or mental abilities. Art is for everyone.


GFAA is committed to a practice of questioning and growing its diversity, equity, inclusion and access efforts in everything that we do.


In this intentional and ongoing process, we are looking at the make-up of our artist members, leadership, staff, patrons, visitors, sponsors and collaborators to see who is represented and where we are falling short. We believe that multiple perspectives are needed for our organization to thrive. We are holding up a mirror, asking questions, reaching out for help, and continuing conversations in each area and committee of our organization. 


We recognize that as a non profit arts organization in Florida that is approaching 100 years old, we have a past of exclusion and tremendous lack of diversity. We are committed to shifting that so that we accurately reflect and represent the amazing people that make up our community. 


We strive to be safe and welcoming and to provide opportunities and resources to people from all different social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds; to people of different genders and sexual orientations; and to people with different physical or mental abilities. 


We believe diversity enriches all of our practices as an organization. We want to foster a culture here that celebrates and honors everyone’s unique contributions, and that creates a feeling of belonging. 


Where are we messing up? What can we improve? Who are we leaving out? Please let us know. 

ADA Accommodations: 

ADA Coordinator: Katy Lemle: 352 - 328 - 5027,

Please contact Katy if you need special accommodations or if you have questions about accessibility. 

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