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GFAA is honored to celebrate the work of Douglas Dankel with you all and with him through this exhibition. Doug was diagnosed with ALS in the fall of 2019 and in the last year his condition has progressed rapidly. With this retrospective we showcase his talent and eye for capturing and composing so beautifully the lines, shapes and forms that he sees in nature and architecture. 


Doug has been a longtime member of GFAA, has sat on our Board of Directors, and has given so much of his time as well as many generous donations to help the organization grow.


If you would like to reach out to Doug, he would love to hear from you! He has full time caregivers that can facilitate phone calls, texts, and emails. He would love for you to share a story with him, tell him about something interesting you’ve read, or just connect.



We appreciate you Doug. Thank you for sharing your talent with us through the years. We celebrate you and your work and are grateful to get to see the beauty of the world through your eyes and lens.




I am a retired engineering professor from the University of Florida who always had a strong interest in the arts and gave serious consideration to majoring in architecture as an undergraduate. I decided, instead, to pursue a career in artificial intelligence using the other side of my brain. Since retiring, I have switched back to my artistic interests through photography - allowing me to share my view of the beauty of the world. Whether looking at a small detail of a flower, the structure of a building, or an expansive landscape, my challenge is to adequately capture the wonder that I see. Hopefully, my image conveys this perceived beauty to you, the viewer. 

Douglas Dankel

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