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Featured Artist:

Celia Burger

I work primarily in watercolors and acrylics, and periodically in pastels. Whether painting representational or abstract art, I strive to find the essence and spirit of the subject. Each painting takes on a life of its own; and when I listen to the painting, my best work evolves.

Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. Have always promoted the integration of the arts (ones first language) and the core curriculum. Taught high school English, speech, drams; was adjunct at the University of Northern Iowa, High School Associate Principal, Elementary School Principal, and President of the National Board of The Basic School Network, Carnegie Institute for the Advancement of Teaching at Princeton; and Curriculum Director for Breakthrough to Literacy--a McGraw Hill Company. Since retiring and moving to Gainesville, I have served on the PACE board and continue to support its cause; am a member  of the Women's Giving Circle of North Central Florida Community Foundation and am active in Trinity United Methodist Church. I am a long time member of The Gainesville Fine Arts Association and serve on that board. My husband Bill and I have four adult children and six grandchildren.


SIMED Featured Artist

Joyce Hinkle

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