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This is the first of a series of exhibitions throughout our 100th year anniversary that are based on the Gainesville Fine Arts Association’s Governing Values: INCLUSION, COMMUNICATION, TRANSPARENCY, CO-CREATION & GROWTH.

In 2021, the GFAA Board of Directors and some of our most active volunteers all gathered to revamp our Mission, Vision and Values. When everyone separated into groups in order to choose values they thought were the most important, Inclusion was the one that was selected the most. GFAA recognizes that it has had a mostly white and older demographic. When we invite a more diverse group of Artists to share in the immense value of what GFAA has become, we add to our creative & thriving energy. Every person has different perspectives, knowledge, and points of view that contribute to the creativity and vitality of our community.  

Some of our efforts in reaching out to historically underrepresented groups include outreach, collaborations, scholarships, and financial aid. We waived all submission fees for this exhibition and accepted all mediums and subject matters. Some Artists chose to submit work interpreting this idea of “inclusion” and some didn't. In it, there are Black figures and pieces about gay rights; along with a range of landscapes, portraits, abstracts and sculptures. 


When was a time that you felt included or excluded? Tell us about it here. We will share some stories anonymously on our social media throughout the exhibition.      

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