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Journey - Kristin Powers

Journey - Kristin Powers

Gardenias, Dirt, Polymer

6' x 5" x 5"


A Flower's Journey

By Connie Biddle Morrison


I’m being jostled and jolted and shaken apart,

Please be careful, I’m very fine art!

I want to be planted, I’m starving for light,

Give me some water, my roots are so tight!


It’s very still now, what can it mean?

My buds are trembling, my leaves start to lean.

Something’s lifting me up, I can see the sun.

I’m flying over grass, is my journey done?


I’m sitting on the ground in bright sunlight,

I feel so warm, I’ve lost all my fright,

I’m content to just lie here and bask in the glow,

Of sunshine and blue sky and breezes that blow.


Oh, I’m being shaken and pulled, something grabbed my stem,

My roots are exposed, my world is in mayhem,

What is happening, I see a big dark hole,

My roots flop down in it, I have no control!


Well, that’s not too bad, it even feels good.

There’s water in here, I wonder if I could

Just spread out my roots and take a big drink,

It’s time to step back and maybe rethink.


I sense dirt on my roots and I’m feeling great,

Water seeps up my stem, I’m starting to hydrate.

I think I’ve been planted, my wish has come true,

My buds will bloom, I’ll have a spectacular view.


My blossoms are white, my leaves verdant green,

My whole demeanor is ever pristine,

Behold, I have neighbors, my best friend’s a zinnia,

Yet I smell sweeter 'cause I’m a gardenia.

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