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After the Storm - Leanne Pflaum

After the Storm - Leanne Pflaum


22 1/4" x 28 1/2" x 3/4"


After the Storm 

by Alycin Hayes


Moist air fills my nostrils with relief              

as I survey the wet night’s destruction

An ancient maple tree split in half 

shares soggy ground with fallen hydro poles 


An absent buzz of electricity generates 

a missing unheard silence


No power, no phone

No way to reach the outside world

I stand alone afraid,

hair uncombed, silk nightgown wrinkled 

peering uneasily out my open kitchen door 


Across the pink morning sky two great blue herons streak  


A white tailed deer pushes her curious head from behind a fallen tree

to eagerly nibble fresh green leaves


A pair of wild turkeys proudly prance 

in a clearing newly opened by last night’s tempest

I smile at their amusing dance


Looking up a red tailed hawk circles above

inviting me to explore her world


Cautiously I step outside


feeling the tender bottoms of my feet 

touch delicious damp cool earth


An intoxicating primordial current 

of recognition opens within, 

empowering me to truly hear 

the essential missing silence

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