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Bauhaus - Bill Paine

Bauhaus - Bill Paine

Mixed media

15" x 13" x 13"


Artist Bio:

Originally from Tennessee, Bill Paine has lived in Florida since the 1970s. Over the years, he worked in a wide variety of vocations: motorcycle mechanic, retail in a medium-sized motorcycle shop, touring musician, programmer and IT Director. He received a bachelor of science degree from University of Florida, in computer and information sciences, and spent over 20 years in the information technology field, before retiring from full-time work as IT director at the Florida Museum of Natural History, in 2016.


Creativity has been the common thread through all of his “day jobs.” Paine's first exploration of artistic expression began in the 1970s through leather work, building custom motorcycles and music. In 2014, he began a new phase of exploring and creating visual art, and since retiring, has devoted more time and energy to visual expressions of his muse, primarily found-object art lamps and explorations in photography, while continuing to make and write music.


Artist Statement: The artwork I create reflects a bit of who I am. I have always been interested in technology and how various components interact with one another to complete a cohesive form, having created works from leather belts to custom motorcycles. I gain much satisfaction in exploring the multiple ways in which these interactions occur, and am driven to develop and execute combinations that best suit my muse and fit within the form being explored.


My work process is fairly fluid. With art lamps and other 3-D art, I begin by considering multiple possibilities in my studio/workshop, and when inspiration strikes regarding a particular concept, I begin “trying ideas out.” Getting from initial ideas to completed design involves visualization, along with rearrangement and/or fabrication or modification of components. I might work from a rough sketch or photo, but generally work without notes. Materials I use vary, but include metal (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass etc.), wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and paint. Since I primarily work with found objects, each find can suggest infinite ways of expression.

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