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Broken Springs - Gwendolyn Chrzanowski

Broken Springs - Gwendolyn Chrzanowski

Glass, wood, natural items, ink, resin, acrylic paint

48" x 30"


Gwendolyn explores the subliminal narrative of people and society through her art pieces. Entering the world of art later in life, picking up her 1st paint brush in 2012 at the age of 53, enables her to give a unique perspective and determination to her paintings. They will inspire those who have never endured adversity while comforting people by letting them know they are not alone. Her words and narratives become brush strokes or marks for viewers to interpret. Studies include oil, mixed media, digital and charcoal.


After experiencing trauma in her life, art became a healing therapy which then evolved into a passion. She enrolled in a few art classes at Santa Fe College where a professor suggested that she present a portfolio at the Ringling College recruitment day, where she was immediately accepted into The Art Institute of Chicago. The University of Florida stole her heart and she graduated with a BFA, Magna Cum Lauda in Painting. At graduation, she received the distinguished Provost Award for her piece “Foolish Rainbow.”


Presently, she is a resident artist through the City of Gainesville at the Tench, Lennie Kesl Studios where experimentation, exploration and pushing the limits is a constant. Sharing a studio complex with other experienced artists offers a unique opportunity to see how working artists make their way in this amazing chosen trade.

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