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Calendar, July - Stephanie Cunningham

Calendar, July - Stephanie Cunningham

Wood, Paper, Rubber Band
20" x 24" x 1.5"


The impetus for this work begins with my interest in rituals and their place in religious and secular life. Prayer and meditation rely on rote recitation to induce a focused mental state devoid of distraction. We seek, or accidentally discover, the same quiet state of reflection through walks, exercise, chores, commuting, or moments of mindful gratitude. The works in this series offer an homage to various mundane daily routines made sacred through form, materials, and practices. The works use repetition to suggest a quiet pause to the viewer.
Offerings (day) uses 24 small clay vessels to create an altar of found objects where the audience may add to or take.
Circumvolution (week) presents 7 pillars with spinning wheels embossed with cryptic texts of what I hold most sacred.
Tea Ceremony (month) makes use of a daily teabag print with text notes made precious through presentation and gold foil.
Calendar (year) uses 365 daily compositions made from the material scraps of my life.

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