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Cassava No. 7 - K. A. Garrett

Cassava No. 7 - K. A. Garrett

Material: multimedia (needs to be plugged into electrical outlet)

Size: 3' x 12" x 12" (including stand, although the stand is not for sale)


Artist Statement: Roots, tubers and bananas (RTBs) are essential for global food security – and delicious! RTBs include bananas and plantains, cassava, potato, sweet potato, and yam. This EP, Cassava No. 7, presents piano sketches celebrating RTBs and the people who work with them: farmers, cooks, crop breeders, seed growers and sellers, and system researchers. A share of the proceeds from music sales will support international research workshops in which University of Florida students collaborate with students at universities in Africa, South America, and Asia in research to address crop health and improved crop seed systems. More information about projects and accessing the music is available at

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