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Conceptual Breach - Michael Nuetzel

Conceptual Breach - Michael Nuetzel

Giclee print

24 x 18 inches


The figure-ground relationship between graphical letter forms have resulted in a learned process in formulating interpretive meaning through sounds and images. Just like words carrying meaning through visual form my graphical approach in making a visual sentence also reflects this iconic visual process. In formulating my visual sentence, I change or enhance the meaning by the juxtaposition of other highly refined images and also by the visually manipulation of these images in developing interpretive meaning.


The recent series “Perceptual Breach” and “Conceptual Breach” are both graphical ambiguities of experiences that visually comment on the status quo in maintaining a state of mediocracy. Not to be specific on my own personal experiences I would like to have gallery patrons formulate their own reflections on forces that deceptively promote personal or social suppression.

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