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Untitled from the “Super Freaky Memories” series- Craig Hill

Untitled from the “Super Freaky Memories” series- Craig Hill

Collage and Decollage on Paper
12" x 12"


"Super Freaky Memories" is a series of mixed media collages on paper that explores the borders between fantasy and reality. These works on paper utilize both collage and decollage techniques and have become a process-based approach to image making. Mixing and layering found paper and painted paper, I create abstract compositions that highlight the juxtaposition of color, form, and texture. Also by allowing fragments of imagery borrowed from popular culture to show through, I create collages that lie on the shifting border between legibility and abstraction.

In combining my Surrealists interest in the unconscious with materials collected from my childhood, I create evocative collages that are psychically charged. These multifaceted works are composed from cut or torn fragments from children’s coloring books or comic illustrations, and paper remnants. They often incorporate Disney characters and other recognizable cartoon icons. Images that are normally considered innocent and harmless are placed in illogical juxtapositions, resulting in a hybrid image that reads as a suspense story of the unconscious.

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