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Damaged - Karen Koegel

Damaged - Karen Koegel


20" x 24" x 1.75"


Artist Bio:


A Florida native, Karen Koegel was raised in Miami and at 17 attended the University of Florida. Her passion for UF and the Gainesville area was immediate. Soon after getting her Masters at Wake Forest, she returned to the UF as a Dorm Administrator. Though she has had many careers, Special Education teacher, Professional Organizer-Appearing on “Oprah” as a guest expert on “Organizing your Life”, and realtor, she always believed that she was an artist. In 2010, Karen moved back to Gainesville. She helped rebuild the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and was President for 5 years, while also directing the GFAA Winter Fine Arts Fair at Tioga, and becoming an avid abstract artist…..Life full circle. “As a self-taught artist, I have explored various mediums, styles, textures, and layering. Since this is my journey, I always look forward to more discovery, to challenging myself, to continually find ways to elevate the message that the viewer sees.” Over the past 7 years her work has been recognized with over 16 awards. Recently, The Collage Artists of America show accepted 150 pieces out of 350 entered and 3 of her pieces were included.

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