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Elderberry Wine - Linda Krause
  • Elderberry Wine - Linda Krause

    Cotton fabrics, dye, Inktense, thread, batting.

    26 1/4" x  21 1/4" x 1"



    It was a glooming day with me stuck on the computer looking through the glass at the drizzling, overcast misery outside. Although I had lived on the edge of a picturesque marsh for 12 years I had never seen a Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) on the property, save this one time. What did he desire? Was it the sparsely populated land? Was he, like I, enamored by the call of the Sandhill Cranes? Or did he just want to dine on the berries of the elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) bushes that were right next to the house? In any event, he graced me by landing on the bush not 6 feet away from me. It was such an easy lift for me to photograph him right from inside the house. Even my employer couldn’t complain, after all, it would only take a minute. Mind you, this photograph, cluttered with digital noise and window screen, would not be the kind to sell, but rather to etch this happenstance indelibly on my brain. I could look back for the rest of my days and remember this particular one. Techniques Thread painting, free motion quilting, ice dyeing, photography, drawing. Original inspiration photograph also composed by the artist.


    Quilt mounted over wooden frame. Ready to hang.

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