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Eternity  - Sofia Gurruchaga

Eternity - Sofia Gurruchaga




The piece "Eternity" is based on reflection and essentially expresses the state of limbo that an individual might feel following the loss of a relationship in life, with blame being placed on external factors rather than the two individuals at hand. Remembrance is constant. This somber feeling of reminiscing can feel like it could last for “eternity”, and there isn’t a chance to shake these feelings anytime soon. However, this state of oblivion is not perpetual with the individual eventually reflecting on what the relationship was at face value. Life must proceed. At one point in time the emotions captured by both pieces have and will be experienced by every individual. The emotional strain that is captured can additionally take toll on an individual's mental health and their state of well being. Thus, "Feeding" and "Eternity" make up the collection "Procession" in order to further showcase letting go of the past and moving forward in life without the feeling of burden.

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