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Forgive - Stewart Powers

Forgive - Stewart Powers

Cras-pas, pencil & mica

16" x 12"



By Nicolette Matt


A glance oblique

Can not defeat



Waltzing Earth

Body - Mind

Holds our hands

Bound by time.



Waters rise

Aqua fur

Silky fine


Gesture to

Spirit eyes

Watching from

Rosy skies.


Love's dissent

Grace cuts through

Hope's a ship

Lashed to truth.


Broken limbs

Wrought by wind

Still forgive.


Opening the Curtains
by Connie Biddle Morrison

The moon is bright and full tonight as its rays draw me to the covered window. I caress the old wooden frame with one hand and wiggle the fingers of the other between the delicate lavender sheers. Using both hands now, I gently part the curtains to gaze out upon a miracle of moon flowers, tiny pink and white petals shimmering in reflected light.
The night is calm and still with no noises, no strife, just peace and tranquility as the mirrored radiance reaches me, me among millions who may be staring at this same moon in this same quiet moment of reflection.

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