Sweet/Darkness- Georgiana Nehl

Sweet/Darkness- Georgiana Nehl


Gouache, Oil Paint & Dry Media on Wood
29.5" x 29.5" x 2.5"


I follow two queries in my work. First: how we make sense of our worlds–how do we read symbols, construct metaphors, and what can nudge any group of images towards a sense of story? The second, more metaphysical: what might lie beyond/beside the familiar world we inhabit day to day?
I play with combining bits of imagery: found, appropriated, interpreted, invented. This variety of image and style provides a chorus of voices, potential clues. Color is also a critical touchstone, both sensually and formally. And I construct compositions where the viewer must continually cross the image field, discovering/relating information, then return to a still center to rest and contemplate.
Though I build my works around personal narratives or ideas, I do not intend them to be didactic. Instead, I hope they stimulate oblique narratives and evoke bits of journey where new relationships/meanings are revealed in each subsequent viewing–as we are never really the same in each moment as it unfolds.

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