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Green Room - Jeanine Tatlock

Green Room - Jeanine Tatlock


11.5" x 9.5" x 0.6"


Tatlock’s watercolors illustrate the feeling of liminality. A liminal space is a space that is considered “in between.” It is hard to describe the feeling of liminality in words, but many people experience this feeling when they view an empty or abandoned space. It can be an eerie sensation, because it is a reminder that all things come to an end. In “Yellow Chair,” the feeling of liminality is portrayed by the absence of a human. What once may have been a space occupied by friends or family is now empty.


“Green Room” was based on a picture of a room in a vacant house that was for sale. The delicate handling of the paint also speaks to the delicate and temporal nature of life. The feelings of loneliness and isolation that result from being separated from friends and family during the Coronavirus pandemic have made this past year a very liminal experience.

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