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Hand and Feet - Craig Walters

Hand and Feet - Craig Walters

Photography paper

18" x 15"


Artist Bio:


Craig Walters is a self-taught photographer whose focus is the depiction of rural and urban scenes in monochrome images. The majority of his photography is taken in northern Florida, featuring scenes of forests, wetlands, the ocean and the streets. Mr. Walters continues to study the art and technique of photography and is pursuing his interest in documenting events and stories as well as the spectacular landscapes of Florida. Mr. Walters has been heavily influenced by the monochrome work of Clyde Butcher and other prominent landscape photographers. He aspires to continually refine his craft and to create informative and dramatic images.


This image, "Hand and Feet", was exhibited in the “Art of Inquiry” exhibit at the prestigious Harn Museum on the University of Florida campus and previously was awarded "Best in Show" at the Gainesville Fine Arts Center. His work has received numerous awards in international competitions and has been published in “Photographize”, “Living the Photo Artistic Life”, “Fine Eye” and several other publications. Another of Mr. Walters monochrome images, "Covid Lunch" is currently exhibited by the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece.

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