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I Think It Goes Like This. - Skip Snow

I Think It Goes Like This. - Skip Snow

Found wood, ink, and paint

75” x 20” x 20” free standing sculpture


"This sculpture of wood, ink, and paint takes form from thoughts on gene editing, the CRISPR tool, de-extinction and re-wilding. In the words of Carlton Fusk, “If it’s dead, we can fix it.” Even after death, we can’t leave anything alone. Parts is parts. The work blends the familiarity of a furred quadruped with the speculative fiction of cryptid zoology. Think Florida Skunk Ape. Or perhaps a 15 million dollar project to resurrect the wooly mammoth. The vertical attitude of the piece suggests how precarious the endeavors of bio-hacking may (have) become. Success may collapse at any moment, or … moments later? This sculpture was also influenced by the writings of Jeff Vandermeer, in particular the novel Borne, and the World Health Organization’s 2021 recommendations on human genome editing. I hope you enjoy it. Be well."

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