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Unfocused territory I- Jayne Struble

Unfocused territory I- Jayne Struble

Graphite on Mylar
38" x 26" x 2"


Within my work I am interrogating our preoccupation with permanence and preservation. Pixels, like dust, are just accumulations of history that remain behind in insignificantly large numbers. This realization has driven my drawing practice to become process based by thinking about applying graphite to a surface as a type of performance, which once completed, categorized and displayed exists only as an artifact of my memory. This type of indulgence and physical endurance in recreating details questions our obsession with remembering and documenting. The drawings contrast factual "high quality" images with labor-intensive attempts to recreate them to display a physical vulnerability to the viewer. Witnessing the exhaustion of material and the fragility of memory brings forward our discomfort with change but aims to shift the perspective of loss.

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