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Play and Wonder Series, #1- Jeanie Auseon

Play and Wonder Series, #1- Jeanie Auseon

All Pencils, Acrylis Paints on Mylar
30" x 30" x 1"


Play and Wonder, #1 reflects a departure from the familiar toward experimentation with techniques, media, and surfaces new to me.  Like many of my works, this one is process-driven, revisionary, labor intensive, and multilayered.  It is energized by a sense of exploration which simulates my curiosity, stretches my artistic thinking, and opens up multiple possibilities for Play and Wonder.  My images tend to evolve from experimentation with processes and media;  the images are then emphasized, embellished, and defined.  Meanings of my artworks tend to be left to viewers.  I like that my artworks can hold multiple meanings

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