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Dance of the Hungry Ghost- Kimberly Engel

Dance of the Hungry Ghost- Kimberly Engel

Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 20" x 1.5"


These paintings are created from a place of open spontaneity.
My process involves adding and rubbing out thin layers of paint to build upon an initial gesture. During the process, I see imagery revealed. Sometimes I render scenes or objects, other times I paint them out. It depends on the overall impact of the composition.

My focus is to be light and free while in the midst of painting. I do this by leaving parts of the initial gesture visible. The overall process is somewhat like trying to solve a puzzle without having a picture on the box to guide me.

The finished work is revealed when I can stop at any given interval of numerous painting sessions. This decision occurs when I shift from maker to viewer. When space, movement, and color interactions build through layering and erasure an object of contemplation that somehow conveys many things I think about and study.

My influences are a montage of personal and collective anxiety of current events, my own sensory impressions, and the influence of the landscape. I live minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico and have spent hours staring into an illusive horizon line where sky meets water.

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