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Limitless - Kali Geiger, Daniel Zengotita

Limitless - Kali Geiger, Daniel Zengotita

Acrylic on Canvas

18" x 24"


Limitless: Children and the Politics of Wonder - By Daniel Zengotita 

Gazing up at the blue sky, the horizon goes on and on 

No matter where you turn, the horizon unfolds over head 

Whether in sunshine or under cloudy skies, or 

Under twinkling stars and an irradiating moon, 

a yawning horizon calls us to wonder 

A child looks up, turning in every which way 

No matter the direction, the sky stretches across 

Reaching out, the child grasps at the sky’s horizon 

The adult laughs, “you can’t reach it” 

Bewildered, the child asks, “Why?” 

“Because,” the adult retorts, “you can’t reach” 

Turning back to the sky, 

the child continues to reach, 

Reaching for the limitless 

As a limited being 

Is the very definition 

Of curiosity and wonder 

Children are born with boundless wonder 

Yet, Adult actions and attitudes say otherwise 

Caustic laughter and repressive limits 

Kill the experience of curiosity and wonder 


To wonder is to create endlessly 

And in creation, children transcend 

Socially-constructed limits 

Enchaining adults, 

Fomenting resentment and apathy 

Horizons are limitless 

So are children 


Limits constrain. Oftentimes, however, limits are relied on to avoid risk and go beyond mere restraints. Sometimes, more than we would like to admit, limits bind us to a given position, identity, or perspective. Whether out of fear, concern, or blindness, limits come to constrain our experience of the unknown. To embrace the unforeseen, the unimaginable, and the unpredictable is part of what makes human beings resilient. Yet, all around us, children are spoken for, relegated to the background because their supposed naivety disqualifies them from speaking, from communicating the wondrous experience of experiencing the world for the first time. As adults, we have forgotten what it means to enjoy boredom, to take pleasure in the unexpected, and to realize that risk averse calculations are useful, but not particularly useful for living a meaningful life. A meaningful life is a life open to wonder. 

By gazing up at the sky, we become children once more. The horizon before us is ever-expanding whether we wish to admit it. A return to our wondrous, curious selves is a return to what makes us distinctly human. To embrace wonder is to embrace an openness to life, an openness to belonging to a world outside of socially-demanding hierarchies and identities. A world where our limits are merely a springboard for us to jump into the impossible. Become a child once more.

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