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A Hundred Voices- Linda Fuller

A Hundred Voices- Linda Fuller

Mixed Media
20" x 20"


Work is biomorphic, has cosmic reference, exchanges foundations and leavings, plays with residue.
Layering with opacity, with translucent glazes, collaging elements - these are "etheric" snapshots, explore shifting densities of light, particles, cellular motifs, grids, street findings, the geological, stars, and botanical melody.
Images are organic and metaphysical, pictorial story-telling, gathered fragments of natural objects and substances.
These variations are luminous frames in timelines wherein individual potential is actualized again and again. Art as message.
There is tremendous joy in paying attention to the outer world and its showy variations, and the matchless thrill of navigating the internal landscape. Artist as messenger.
One's discoveries are connections to pre-existing laws and truths, infinite coloration and pattern, the dream-within-the-dream realm.
Hope generates beauty, recognizes its pervasive presence,and encapsulates fearlessness in the sacred gift called art.

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