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Desert V- Mason Williams

Desert V- Mason Williams

Oil on Canvas
36" x 60" x 1.5"


‘Desert V’ is the fifth addition to a series of vibrant paintings of the American Southwest, where a pair of human-like figures find themselves simultaneously aware of the viewer and the desert environment they are present in. My intention with this painting in particular is to emulate the almost surreal quality to life-changing conversations with loved ones. The vibrant color is a purposeful visual element seen throughout the series; the high saturation gives the painting a presence that is hard to ignore, serving both as an attention-grabber and a vehicle for conceptual mystery. All of the visual elements in the painting are allegorical; they are reminiscent of real world places and human beings but are exaggerated and altered to confront the viewer with a new vision of a familiar theme. The subject is familiar but it’s dramatically-changed appearance begs to be questioned. The painting invites introspection. Its message remains distant, behind a veil of wonder.

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