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Lost in Translation (from the outside)- Meghan Deakins

Lost in Translation (from the outside)- Meghan Deakins

Oil on Canvas
48" x 36" x 2.5"


The act of looking through the window complicates the views that we hold about the world. Sometimes these views can be closed off and hard to read and other times they can be open and free. My paintings explore how we as people perceive the world. The window is the barrier that allows for information to be shared from the inside and outside of a space. We desire windows to be transparent and give us the needed information from the outside world, but inevitably through the reflections and shadows, the clarity of this information is lost. The loss of clarity from the reflections relates directly to certain circumstances that may be out of our control like our relationships, the media and our own thoughts. This makes us lose clarity of who we are and what we want to accomplish. As humans too much loss of clarity can make us closed off and disconnected, this is just like the function of blinds to a window. Window blinds control the information of the outside world entering in.

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