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Michael Angelo Gagliardi

Michael Angelo Gagliardi

She Danced Naked, Athena, Before The Would Be Caesars And Their Legions…


Mix Media with Acrylic and Collage
72” x 65”


This painting depicts a moment in last summer’s protests for BLM in Portland, Oregon.  The “Naked Athena” event happened one night, last Summer when peaceful protesters were opposed by unmarked, unbadged Federal troops sent in without the request of the state governor.  As the two sides approached each other it seemed as though violence was unavoidable, when, between the two sides a single woman, naked except for a face mask and stocking cap.  First she danced, then she did yoga stretches, then she danced some more.  The federal troops shot gas cannisters at her feet and still she danced.  Eventually, the troops turned and left having committed no violence.  She became a myth of feminine power as Naked Athena the goddess that used dance to protect the people in the night. 
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