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Grumpy Girl - Frank Curtis

Grumpy Girl - Frank Curtis

Charcoal on Paper

26"x 38" x 1"


Morning Lesson

Ricardo Josė González Rothi


He shuffled up the street, pan-faced and seemingly indisposed by the cold of the day. I tightened her leash. 


Rosie, my adopted chocolate dwarf pit-bull with a pink nose had a kind demeanor but unbridled strength was said to “ lack manners with people”. The barbed “pinch” collar was the only thing the trainer said would halt her brutal forward motion. But the severe look of the contraption tended to put a chill on approaching strangers. This time her tail wagged rhythmically against my calf. She looked up expectantly towards the oncoming figure. I stepped forth with hesitation.


Ok for her to say hello? I’m just trying to teach her basic etiquette.

The old man hesitated. I held my breath. Not sure he heard me, then did a double-take, looking down at my dog.


He stammered.  Yeah, I…I guess so…then bent down to greet her, with a mix of anxiety and obvious Parkinson’s tremor. Wet nose met gloved hand with kindness. He patted her head. Her tail thumped. He then patted her rump. She sidled up to his leg. Rosie didn’t jump up or try to knock him over, which she well could have. The man said nothing. Deformed, twittering fingers rubbed grateful ears for the next thirty seconds. He seemed stuck in his hand movements.

Thank you for letting her greet you. I tugged gently on her leash and started to step away.

No, thank you,  he said.

This is the best thing that’s happened to me all day.

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