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Newberry Memorial Quilt - ACCRP Quilters

Newberry Memorial Quilt - ACCRP Quilters

Fabric art, quilted material and embroidered.

78" x 63"


The Alachua County Community Remembrance Project (ACCRP) began in January of 2020. Our purpose is to educate our community about the history of lynching and racial violence in Alachua County, and the legacy it has left in the persistent racial disparities we face. We do this through educational events, soil collection ceremonies to honor the victims, installation of historical markers, and high school essay contests. Join us! Info at


This quilt was made to honor and memorialize the victims of racial terror in Newberry, Alachua County, Florida, and all who have suffered trauma from racial injustice.  


The following individuals contributed to its creation:


Joy Avery

Andy Bachmann

Dawn Beachy

Jaleshya Brown

Shirley Green Brown

Susan Cary

Bev Cheuvront

Barbara Cloud-Weisman

Linda Cowell

Elizabeth Curry

Jackie Davis

Jessica Elkins

Martha Folston

Abby Hogan

Laura Jones

Veloria Kelly

Barbara Lindsey

Joyce Marie Lottinville

Phoebe Papadi

Mary Peer

Talita Pruitt

Marie Small

Carl Smart


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