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Nexus - Sylvia Montesinos

Nexus - Sylvia Montesinos

acrylic, ink and metal leaf on paper

10"x10", mounted on wooden panel 3/4" deep, framed 


by Deborah Downes

Can you see me?
in the kaleidoscope of colorful pattern
shifting with the slightest twist
of mood or circumstance

Can you see me?
aloft on a gossamer rainbow
a breath of beauty, too brief
after the painful morph to butterfly

Can you see me?
thru the sleight-of-hand, fan dance
flickering glimpses here, there
but never the whole picture

Can you see me?
behind the moth-eaten curtain
constructing ephemeral images
to camouflage my truth

Can you see me, now?
between the unstable fault lines 
broken under a burden of pretense
revealing the un-revised version of my-self

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