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Nightstand Guardian - Annie Thompson

Nightstand Guardian - Annie Thompson

8" x 10" x 2"

Oil on panel


My current portfolio, entitled The Pursuit of Escapism, is a catalog of drawings and paintings of self-portraits that aim to appease pipe dream feelings. I explore self-reflection and the tension between reality and imagination by creating formal and gestural studies of figures, abstract patterns, and still lifes in oil and charcoal. As a young adult entering the workforce, these self-portraits assess my self perception while everyday life challenges this internal persona. By jumping between representation and abstraction, I explore the definition of self-portraiture. I do this through the inclusion and omission of the figure, in addition to color, form, and space. In addition to creating portraits in my likeness as a characterization of self, I illustrate toy dragon figurines and a pattern derived from these figures. My modern understanding of these mythological creatures have been informed by their contextualization throughout many cultures and histories. I use dragons to represent my alter ego, conveying the loss of a playful and mysterious sense of self. I am drawn to their lonesome, ferocious, and protective nature; as a dragon protects its treasure, this body of work represents the protection of self. Within this portfolio, I have created a space to reflect on undesirable adult realities and indulge in unproductive feelings, all as a means to overcome hardships, large or small. Within this process, I have found catharsis in giving a voice to fleeting emotions while escaping reality.

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