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Out of breath - Oliver Keyhani

Out of breath - Oliver Keyhani

Cyanotype on paper

18 x 24"


Out of Breath

By Nicolette Matt


You and me

And every one we’ve ever been

Circle dance in dusky depths

Of want and need and grope and feed.


Ice fins touch

The chill in us,


In a crowd.

Wrap a fold

Blinded now

Spirits shroud

Our futures passed,

Gullets long for what we lack.


You and me

Out of breath,

Pressed between

Gaping sucking souls unseen.

Drag me down,

Wrap me round,

Sink me low broken blue

Well below me and you.



by J.N. Fishhawk

there will never 
          be enough for all of us

that pour-back from crenelated crater depths
   of planet’s pitted flesh
to the working, wordless 
   titan bowl 
of atmosphere
       and back

cloud-pumped, savage
shadow from the mountains down
       and down 
               and down
over hills, over top of trees 

never more


to go ‘round

to go to ground

            to be cleansed in suckling depths of sandy earth

    not enough
sweat out of air
   not enough
      wrung to be flood
from out the hushed swell of dusk

sky of bruises, sky of cold, yawning dead-flesh sores

for us

much less the koi
       over each other
sucking accidental air
                   ever more often
at dwindling horizon
of ornamental pond

            here is hunger

            here is want

here is the drowned howl’s eternal pucker

       outside of salt and silt

O where will you go
            O shadowed sucklings?

when there is no more skyfall to swell and slick
   all the 
petals of your scales?

                    down from mountains
down over hills

            down over tops of trees

shade upon shade falls

ghost-tones of the sweetness 
                we’ve bled out the clouds and glaciers:

        cornflower clematis iris hydrangea chicory gentian hyacinth indigo 
(all your scales in the shade like stuck petals)

shadow out of mountains

shade up from underside of pond

                    when these meet in the middle of the sweat-less air

what world will be left for writhe and slip, for clutch, for tail-flip 

                of kept, of captive 

sweetwater fishes?  

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