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Petals Unfolding (Scars of Pleasure) - Kristin Powers
  • Petals Unfolding (Scars of Pleasure) - Kristin Powers

    Acrylic on Canvas. Variable Dimensions

    Display on the floor as 24" x 5' x 16"



    "With desire as the theme, I wanted to explore the positive and negative associations: thinking about what drives us, what moves us, and what we are left with after desires have been satisfied [...] Petals Unfolding (Scars of Pleasure) is a sculpture made of paintings that is intended to be displayed on the floor. You must witness it and walk around it to take in the varying views. It is about the process of opening up, being entangled with another, and revealing the scars that pleasure has left behind. These works are explorations of texture, surface, and materials; like using a different language to say a phrase more accurately and concisely. These works are intended to evoke emotions, curiosity, and invite the viewer to spend time with them as the viewer reflects on their role in the art. You can view more at"

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